(The Angel Gabriel was Our Lady’s escort)
(Morning, October 5, 2002)

She said, My child, I have come to bring you a message. I also came to let you know that I am here with you. Child, relax! Close your eyes. I would like to tell you a story and I prefer you close your eyes as I take you on a journey with me. Child, I saw this house ­ so brightly lit up, it was just glowing with lights. I knocked on the door and they invited me in to join their Christmas party. I walked in and I saw a real live tree ­ just like the trees growing out in the yard. It was growing right in their living room and under that tree I saw the most beautiful wrapped gifts that I have ever seen, but not one gift was for my Son’s birthday. They were for each other. It was my Son’s birthday and His name was never mentioned. I was so sad and if my Son had walked in, He would have felt unwanted because they never mentioned Him. I was so disappointed! I was crying when I went back to Heaven and Joseph asked, Why are you crying, Mary?

I said, Joseph, you can’t believe what I saw tonight! I saw this house lit up so beautiful that I had to go inside. I knocked on the door and they invited me in. They were very polite to me. They were having a birthday party for Our Son, but His name was never mentioned. All the gifts were for each other, not one for Our Son. Joseph, was I dreaming?

No, Mary, I have seen many! I have seen many houses lit up like that with holiday office parties and Christmas parties, but they were not celebrating Our Son’s birthday. They were selfishly celebrating for their own selves. Relax, Mary, it’s happening a lot upon earth.

She said, but child, I too see bright lights like Christmas decorations. I too see bright lights like you look up in Heaven on a dark night and you see millions of stars. I look down from Heaven and I too see millions of stars. I see you, my children on earth, some shining bright ­ some dim ­ some burned out ­ some no light at all. You look up and see the stars ­ some too are bright ­ some dim ­ and some fall. This is what I see when I look down.

She said, you my children, are the flowers in my Garden and I tended to my Garden well this summer. I will not see you again until the Christmas party and on my Feast Day in March. When I return in March, I expect my Garden to have grown, to be in full bloom and to have grown in holiness.

(Our Lady appeared during the 4th decade of the Rosary for Life)

SALLY: She’s here. Welcome, Blessed Mother! Welcome! Welcome!

OUR LADY: My dearest children, as I gaze over you many of you have come from a distance far and near. You please me to see so many to pray together. I am the great sign. I am the woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under my feet, with a crown of stars above my head. I am the great sign. Oh I know Satan thinks he is winning the battle ­ the battle between good and evil, but this great sign is my greatest victory. He has spread upon this earth ­ hatred ­ he has brought upon this earth – his kingdom of lust and impurity. He has brought thoughts of war, but he will never win my child because I have you in my army to fight this battle against evil – against the woman and the dragon ­ the red dragon. He is the ancient serpent of the devil. Yes, my children, you are gathered here in my support to win this battle against the war of my little ones. This is a war my people against the innocent. I am the woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under my feet, and a crown of stars upon my head, and this is my greatest glory. This is my victory and for all of you and for all those who are under your care, I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us live – let us love everyone. Yes, my children, and let us enjoy it. This is the day the Lord has made. Alleluia! Alleluia! My dearest children, this will be the last that I will be with you as you are today with me, but I have tended to my garden. I have tended well to my garden and I expect you when I come back in the Spring to have grown and to be in full bloom. You are the flowers in my garden. I expect you to have grown in holiness ­ in stature ­ in love. I have given you the best and I see you are using Him. I give you the best ­ my chosen son.

SALLY: Oh, thank you, Blessed Mother! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My only desire is to please your Son and you Blessed Mother. I will do everything in my power to do what you ask of me. Do you mind if I ask you a question, Blessed Mother? I know a lot of people here will not know why I am asking because they do not know the whole thing, but you do. I don’t want to offend you, Blessed Mother, but could I ask you something? (Our Lady answered Sally privately.) Maybe you shouldn’t have said that because if you say anything I might go on and on. But this is what I want to ask you. Blessed Mother, you know we’re doing good here. You know we’re saving lives. We’re saving the lives of the babies and the souls of the mothers. And you know we only do what you ask of us, so whatever you say we will go by regardless of whether it pleases us or not. It’s what you say. We have the Path to Life here and I’m sure you know all about it and the good that they are doing, but this question I need to ask you and you have answered me many times. I’m going to ask once more in witness of all these people so they will know your plan, not ours. The Path to Life – should we be separated into two different divisions ­ the Shrine separate from the Path to Life? You know, Blessed Mother, we never went through any of this before. This is all new for us and we don’t know. That is why we are asking for your little children ­ asking like a little child. (Our Lady talked privately to Sally before answering.)

OUR LADY: Separated, my child, you will be but little puffs of smoke. United you will be strong. Do not separate child. There is one like there is one God. There is one Shrine under my name ­ Our Lady of Toledo, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary and this is the way it must stay. United you will be strong child, separated there will be money divided and the Shrine will not get the best and it will all go for the Path to Life and how are you going to operate if you don’t get enough funds? You must stay together. You must not separate.

SALLY: That’s all I wanted to know, Blessed Mother. I promise you as long as I live, I will never bring this up to you again. This is final. It will be as you say.

Oh Blessed Mother, what would we ever do without you? I have some people here who have requested me to ask you to ask your Son. Go to your Son. I know you are like we are. You do not have any power on your own. Only through what your Son gives you. So I ask you if you would go to Him and by the way, where is He, Blessed Mother? I just thought of it. Where is He? (Our Lady talked privately to Sally.) Ok, He will be here. He will be here soon. Ok, Blessed Mother, we’ll wait. This first person, Francisco ­ he is paralyzed; and this next one is our dear friend Andy, a volunteer here at the Shrine. For many years he was one of the first ones that came. He was crossing the street and someone came from around the corner and hit him. He was hit by a car. I ask you and I won’t be satisfied unless you bring Andy back on his feet and we can see him here at the Shrine again. Did you hear me Blessed Mother? Andy! Andy Maijer! A wonderful Christian and a beautiful Catholic and he lives to help others. That’s where he was going. He was going to help the people who can’t get up out of bed. He goes to their homes to help them. I ask you to intercede for him; for Bernice; for Karen Childs; for Charles; Francis, for little Reilly. Oh, little Reilly is doing better, Blessed Mother. We’ve been praying for him for months. He’s doing better. He marched in the parade. He’s doing better, Blessed Mother, so let your Son know that we appreciate what He is doing. And for Tina and Richard ­ they are asking for their baby that it will be God’s Will ­ whatever He says ­ boy or girl ­ healthy or not ­ to give them the love that they can accept whatever it is. I also ask for a dear friend of mine. He’s quite a dude. He is one of the best here. You know he’s the one who put the roof on. He gave us many, many, many dollars. I pray for Bob’s health. Pick him up and give him that pep he use to have. Let him be our old Bob. This I pray. I ask all of us in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son, our Savior. That’s quite a mouth full, but he’s a great guy. Yes! Quite a Son you got there and you’re pretty good yourself ­ a mighty woman with a powerful Son. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit ­ all three One, Mary’s Son ­ as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be world without end. Amen. I can’t bribe you and I won’t try. Oh I have tried, but I won’t bribe you. If you say your plans are made and you won’t come until the Feast Day of the Annunciation in March we will accept that and we also thank you for the blessings and the many times that you have come here. Oh! Ok! She says, but we will be here.

OUR LADY: My Son and I walk in this garden. We walk here every day together, my Son and I. So I ask you my children to continue to come here and walk with us, pray with us, pray the rosary, wear the brown scapular, pray the Chaplet.

SALLY: Oh Sacred Heart, You came! It’s almost to the end, but You came!

SACRED HEART: I too, children. I too, my children, want to give you My blessing. Bless you. Bless each one of you like you were the only one on earth. I look at you and I see you and I hear you. Bless you. Bless all who are in your care. (Sacred Heart talked privately to Sally.)

SALLY: Oh she did Sacred Heart. She did. She told me. She’s inviting each and everyone to her Son’s Christmas party and she will be here ­ so each and everyone is invited to this Christmas party.

OUR LADY: You will get notice in the newsletter the date that it will be.

SALLY: Unless you have a special day, Blessed Mother?

OUR LADY: No! You should set the date. Go forth child with your plans. Don’t be afraid. We walk beside you. We take care of your needs. Go forth with your plans.

SALLY: We will, Blessed Mother. Could you stay for the Mass?

OUR LADY: I’m at every Mass, child. Wherever my Son is, you will find me. I am never far from my Son. Finish the rosary!

SALLY: Thank you, Blessed Mother. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you. I worship you my Lord ­ my Lord and my God ­ my Lord and my God. I worship You, I praise You, I thank You, I adore You, my Lord and my God. Wash away all our sins and the sins of the whole world with Your most precious blood.

OUR LADY: Signa Magnum ­ I am the great sign.

(The Ave Maria was sung to Our Lady and Sacred Heart of Jesus.)

SALLY: She’s smiling, she’s smiling. She loves it. Did you like it, Blessed Mother? It’s beautiful!

(The Chaplet of Divine Mercy was prayed by Sally and the people.)