(Our Lady appeared during the Rosary for Life)

SALLY: She’s here. Oh, Blessed Mother. She’s coming down just like she’s in a parachute ­ no wings – just coming down. Oh, she’s is going to come down close to us. Oh, right by the Station. The Station right in front of us. She is about three feet above the ground. Are you alone, Blessed Mother? What about your Son? Is He coming?

OUR LADY: Later, He’ll be here.

SALLY: You want to speak to us first!

OUR LADY: I am the Queen of the Holy Rosary. I am the Queen of Victory. My victory will come with the triumph of the two hearts with the reign of the Sacred Heart of my Son. My victory will come and all the people of the world who are so sick and so hardened against my Son ­ our victory will come by my appearances here on earth and making many roads back to my Son. My victory will come ­ you will hear and renew your vows of your baptism ­ my victory, my triumph. I am so pleased with you my children ­ all of you who have consecrated your hearts to my immaculate heart. You please Father God. I ask you to pray the Consecration. Pray it every day, child. I ask you to love one another and only through love can you conquer evil. Father God only gives you one gift and that is the gift of love and through this one gift all other gifts that you need you will receive. My children, as I look upon you today you look like small seedlings ­ seedlings that I plant. I ask of you this last time that I will be with you, but I will never be gone from you my children and if you need me don’t hesitate to call my name. I am only a second away, but I expect something from each one of you. I expect you to grow in holiness and when the winter is over and spring is here at last and the birds will be singing again and the earth will be green, I expect you, my children, to have grown ­ and to be full grown – and I expect my lambs to be full grown when I come back to you in the spring. The flowers in my garden will be full grown. I ask you to continue to come here ­ pray the Rosary united. I ask you to wear the Brown Scapular ­ pray the Consecration ­ also praying my Son’s Rosary. I will accomplish my victory by you my children. I ask each one of you to be a part of salvation to others. I know many of you here today come out of curiosity, but I will reach your hearts of stone and I will soften them.

SALLY: You look so different today, Blessed Mother. That tiny baby in the cradle. You grow fast. You really grew fast, but you were beautiful and I thank you for letting us be a part of your special day. The Queen of the Holy Rosary. Tomorrow is a feast day. Tomorrow is the feast day of the Queen of the Holy Rosary.

OUR LADY: I place empathy between you and your offspring. This is my mission, child, to lead you in this battle against Satan. I will crush his head and he will lay in wait at my heel. This is my mission, child. Like the Father sent the Son, my Son sends me ­ His most precious gift. I am so pleased at the way I am treated here at the Shrine. This is my special garden ­ the Garden of the Lambs. This is my haven! I share it with you! Blessed is the moment ­ blessed is the place that I chose to stop to attend to my little ones and to the great family of my Son. Blessed is the moment! Walk with me! Let me assist you and take your hand like little children that you are – and when you stumble, I’ll pick you up. I’ll kiss your hurts away like I did my Son. I taught Him to walk and when He fell, I picked Him up. I kissed His hurts away. I am your mother! Go forth with the plans, child. Don’t hesitate. Go forth with the plans to save some of my little lambs.

SALLY: I wish others could see what I see. I wish at least someone could see.

OUR LADY: It’s not meant for everyone, child. Very few have seen what I have shown you, but you are my messenger, child. You are an Apostle of these later days. I am the one who can be the breakthrough to violence and hatred. I am the peacemaker. Pray for your leaders. My Son is so disappointed with some of them. Do not be afraid, child. Do not be afraid! I am with you!

SALLY: Oh, You came, Sacred Heart. Do you have something to tell us?
(Sacred Heart and Our Lady spoke privately to Sally) Yes, you’re gorgeous! You’re beautiful! Oh Stella Maris, Star of the Sea. Oh saving Victim, opening wide the gate of Heaven to man below. I know you do. She loves this Shrine. I know you do, Blessed Mother. You told me many times that this is your favorite.

OUR LADY: Because you will accomplish the end of legal murder and this is where it will begin ­ at this Shrine.

SALLY: Because you ask, Blessed Mother! Because you ask! We can’t say no! We can’t say no to you, Blessed Mother! How can anybody say no to their mother?

OUR LADY: I see you when you hurt. I see you when you are sad ­ but look, child, look at the Pieta! I ask each one of you, have you ever had sorrow like this? Her dead Son in her arms. Have you ever had sorrow like this? Like I told you, child, the winter will pass and spring will come at last and the birds will sing and the earth will turn green again. Remember, I expect something from each one of you. When I come back in the spring I want you to have grown in holiness and I expect my seedlings to be full grown in a full bloom like the earth will be green again. Do not be afraid, my Son conquered death. Oh death, where is your sting? There is no sting to death! My Son conquered death. Death is a graduation from this college of earth. It was hard, but you’ll make it. You’ll get your degree before my Son. I love all of you. I love each one like you were the only one on earth. You are my children, my little ones. I see how weak you are. We will fight this battle together ­ the powerful army of Satan. Love each other. Forgive your enemy. Do not take revenge, because when you take revenge you are acting like the enemy. The hand of God is raised! A little more time, Son! Give them a little more time, Son! I promise you they will come. I promise you they will come. A little more time, Son. They will come back one by one.

SACRED HEART: Bring them back, mother! Bring them back!

OUR LADY: They are like the wild flowers of the roadside, they need cultivating.

SACRED HEART: Bring them back, mother!

OUR LADY: Now I ask you to stand and pray “The Apostles Creed” the favorite prayer of Father God.

(The people prayed The Apostles Creed together.)

OUR LADY: Until my feast day on the 25th of March – until that day!

SALLY: I promise, Blessed Mother! I promise you! I’ll do everything in my power to get a place so you don’t have to not come when it’s cold. I promise you I’ll do anything that you ask of me. To have a place for the people to come so they don’t have to say they can’t come because it’s too cold.

OUR LADY: Oh, but child, it will happen. It will happen, child, soon. Soon, child! Have faith in what We say! Listen to Us! Child, I do not want my sheep and my lambs in the cold. If they can come to my Son like He comes to you here, each one you can come to my Son. He is in the Tabernacle. He waits for you. He waits like a father waits for his children to come. Receive Him often ­ daily if possible and wherever my Son is, I am not far away. He keeps me close to Him. My Son is lonely! So many people go by, but they don’t stop. How would you feel if your children went by many times and never stopped? Not even to stop and say “hello.” That’s the way my Son is. My Son is lonely. I am lonely too. I am your mother and a mother waits for her children. Because I am not here, child, that doesn’t mean I am not with you ­ that does not mean you cannot be in my presence. I walk here in this garden with my Son. Come to the garden and pray. Come and bring my Son your hurts and your pain. Drink from the water of the Well and be refreshed! I promise all who drink from the water will be refreshed in body and soul. 
Good-bye my little ones!

SALLY: They’re leaving. She’s so beautiful. She doesn’t have any wings. She just ascends. She’s so beautiful! Mater Dei Jesu Christi.

(The people sang the “Ave Maria” together)