Our Lady and Sacred Heart of Jesus appeared at the beginning of the 4th decade of the Holy Rosary.

SALLY SPOKE: Blessed Mother! You never disappoint us! Thank you for coming.

OUR LADY SPOKE: My children, why do you hide from me? Why do you hide from my love? I need you to complete this task and only when your heart is infused into mine and mine becomes yours will you find peace. I ask you, my children, for a petition when you say the prayer of the Rosary. Pray, my children, that all hearts are open to the global consecration and only then will you receive the greatest depth of my triumph. My greatest desire is to be with you on this day next month. It will be the last time that I will see you, my children, until on my feast day in March and at this time I will call with my heart filled with grace from the Holy Spirit. It will be your moment! This is a desire by commandment that draws you to my immaculate heart. But, my child, tell my people that it is their free will that will bring ruin to your souls. Your hearts and your souls are like a garden filled with useless weeds and you my people, through your self denial, you must hold the shovel in your hands to uproot these weeds from your heart. Otherwise, your souls will become like an uncultivated wasteland filled with briers and thorns – but through the Consecration a garden of purity will be created and you will be able to pick the flowers of virtue in the midst of your hearts.

SACRED HEART SPOKE: My people, My mother is tending carefully to her garden and when she is made too ripe, the Holy Spirit will come to harvest your love. There are rows and rows – her children – her flowers – and I come to pick the ones that are ready. If you walk into the orchard, my child, which fruit do you pick? You pick the ones that are ready. That’s what I do, child. I pick the best for Myself – the ones who are ripe.

SALLY SPOKE: I will! I will!

SACRED HEART SPOKE: The “Ave Maria” for a woman like my mother! Now I ask all of you to please Father God first. Stand and pray his favorite prayer, “The Apostles Creed”.

(The people prayed “The Apostles Creed” together.)

SALLY SPOKE: Let’s all join with this song, the “Ave Maria” to a woman – a song so appropriate He calls her His mother.

(The people sang the”Ave Maria” together)

She’s smiling! Smile, Blessed Mother! Smile, Blessed Mother, smile! It so becomes you because when you smile I hear the angles sing. They sing the sweetest songs Iíke ever heard. When you cry, Blessed Mother, I hear the angles sigh and I know why, because they see what I see. They see your tears when you cry, but we promise you, Blessed Mother, that we will do as we’re told and we’ll never stop until we turn those little bleeding hearts to gold. Smile, Blessed Mother! Smile! It so becomes you. She’s in white and blue with the crown upon her head and beneath her foot the serpent lays dead. A promise – she’ll crush him with her heel – that red dragon – abortion. She will crush you and abortion will be a thing of the past – like slavery. We’re behind you, Blessed Mother, and we’re going to make a promise of this Consecration right now. Let’s pray this Consecration Prayer together.

(The people prayed the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary together.)

Let’s speak from our hearts, each one of us uniquely. Tell them what you need and what your prayer is for. I personally pray for these two people who need our prayers – Dan and Arlene. Pray – and if it is Your Will, Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus! You are God and You can do anything. Lift this illness from them. Nothing is impossible with You. Hear the prayers of the faithful gathered here and also hear the bleating of the lambs who are crying out, “save me, save me, save me”. She’s holding the Rosary in her right hand and the Brown Scapular in her left hand. Oh we will, Blessed Mother, I promise you. We have Scapulars and we will offer them to everyone.

OUR LADY SPOKE: Tell my children that the Brown Scapular is a shield against the evil one and anyone who wears the Brown Scapular will never feel the fire of hell. Tell them, child. This is my promise.

SACRED HEART SPOKE: Do as she says! Don’t disobey your mother! Do as she says! Like My Father sent Me, I now send My mother. Do as she says!

SALLY SPOKE: She’s smiling! Smile, Blessed Mother! See that dark cloud over there? Can you see it? That black colored cloud? That’s the red dragon. He is going to be under her feet. He is the ugliest beast, the Red Dragon – abortion. They are leaving! Thanks for coming, Blessed Mother. Thank you, Sacred Heart, for letting her come. Thank you for bringing her.

OUR LADY SPOKE: Call me if you need me, my people. I’m only a second away.

SALLY SPOKE: We will, Blessed Mother. I love you too. I love you too. You know I love you. They were right over that cross (located at the top of the shrine dome). They are gone.