(Our Lady and Sacred Heart appeared at the beginning of the 4th decade of the Rosary)

SALLY: She’s here. She’s standing at the right of the Pieta – straight through. It’s like an arch over there. She’s standing there in white and blue with her Immaculate Heart exposed. Oh Mary, conceived without sin pray for us who have recourse to you. Do you see where I am telling you she is? There is a little arch like a little alcove at the end of the sidewalk on the right of the Pieta. She is standing there, life size in full view with her heart exposed.

OUR LADY: My children, you are sons and daughters of God. You are like the olive plants around the table of God. He watches you grow –and he waits for you to produce great fruit. My God is your God. He is a God of mercy, a forgiving God. Many of you here today are mothers and fathers of children. When you have authority over these children like your bosses at work, God has given you authority, but do not use this as power or self- pride. Use it the way God intended, to teach your children like the fourth Commandment, honor thy father and thy mother. This Commandment also states that you will be held responsible for what you teach or do not teach your children. Do not listen to your children always. They will try to rationalize and tell you everyone is doing it, but that is no reason, my parents, not to question and to look and see if it’s God’s way. My children, show your authority in the name of God, but show love for your children. Bring peace and harmony in your family. It’s much easier to teach a young child than to discipline when they are older. You must do it while they are young, like you can bend a small limb better than a whole tree. Remember, you will be held accountable for those He has put in your trust. And I tell you today, my children, if you help me to bring about what I am trying to accomplish here, I promise you if you help me with my children, I will see that your children come to my Son – to His Sacred Heart. I promise to help you with your children. Remember, they are all mine – they are all His. I come here because I love you. I come here because I chose to be here among you. But there are those who do their own will and choose to not keep the Commandments and live in sin. I want to introduce you now to my Son, your God – your Creator.

SACRED HEART: My people, there are those who have come today out of faith. There are those who have come here today out of curiosity. There are those who have come here hoping they would see Me and see My mother. I wait for you, My people, I wait for you. Every day I wait for you. You drive past and you don’t stop. You do see Me in Holy Communion, the Blessed Sacrament in that Tabernacle. I am there. You do see Me, but you don’t come.

SALLY: The doors are always locked, Sacred Heart! We can’t get into the Churches!

SACRED HEART: Oh no, My child. There is always one door open. If they lock the front door, My mother opens the back. There is always a door open if you knock. I’m there. I wait like a father waits for his children. I wait for Mine. Stop in and say, “Hello Father.” I love you. I love all of you. That’s why I send her. Because through her she will bring My children home. I am Jesus! She is My mother!

SALLY: (Jesus and Mary talked to Sally privately) I don’t think they hear you. They do not hear. I wish they could hear what I hear (Sally, Our Lady and Sacred Heart spoke privately.) My Lord and my God. What! I didn’t hear that, Blessed Mother. Repeat it! I have a bad ear. She is asking for Silent Night. Wow, Silent Night? This is September 1st. You’re getting kind of commercial – starting early.

BLESSED MOTHER: It’s Christmas every day in Heaven, child. We celebrate His birth.

SALLY: We’ll sing Silent Night for her. Oh, she’s so beautiful! We’re going to do it Blessed Mother.

(The people sang Silent Night to Our Lady and Sacred Heart as requested. Sally commented that Our Lady was singing along with the people.)

Did that please you, Blessed Mother? You’re smiling! You are so beautiful when you smile.

OUR LADY: I come, my child, to tell you when you please Father God and to tell you when you offend Him.

SALLY: I ask you a special favor today, Blessed Mother. This tiny baby with a liver problem, please intercede and we are asking you Sacred Heart. You can do anything, you are God! You can do anything! Save this tiny baby, please! There is another one I would like to pray for. Kathryn left us last week. She was one of our volunteers, a regular volunteer, but I know you love her too, just like we love her and when the time comes she is Yours, she is not ours. You just sent her to us to make us more happy and more complete. I ask you to bless her family too so they can have strength at this time with their faith and know you are God and you alone have the right to give life and you alone have the right to take life. I ask you to hear all the prayers of the faithful gathered here today; the names in the Basket, the names of the people on the Bricks and those who have sacrificed and bought Stations of the Cross and the Rosary Beads. I thank you for all the Rosaries that you have blessed for the people who have asked and the special blessings that you have put on those Rosaries touched by the hands of your Son and by your precious hands, the same hands that handled the child Jesus. We pray for all those who have asked me to pray for them. For Cathy and Joe ­ for all those who need your help.

OUR LADY: Pray for your leaders my child. My Son is so disappointed in some of them. Pray for the leaders of your country, child.

SALLY: Oh, I forgot, Blessed Mother. I forgot. I do, but I forgot. Yes, I pray. I pray for our leaders.

OUR LADY: Pray for all those in authority like you said.

(The angels were singing and Sally sang along with them.)

SALLY: It’s so beautiful how they sing. It’s so beautiful! I wish they could hear it. We adore you O Christ because by Your Holy Cross you have redeemed the world. We adore you, we bless you, we praise you, we thank you. 

OUR LADY: How many more must shed their blood before you stand up for them? United you will be strong. Separated you are but little puffs of smoke. Unite! It’s not going to start from the top down. It will happen from the bottom up. People like you gathered here today. People like you my children ­ united. United you will be strong, separated you are but little puffs of smoke. Stand up for what you believe!

SALLY: We promise! We make a promise here today, Blessed Mother, that we will do everything in our power to put an end to abortion. Whatever needs to be done, we take a promise and we take a vow that we will do everything in our power to save your little ones. He is giving us His blessing. He has His hands like we see our priests ­ not Mary, but the Sacred Heart and He is making the sign of the Cross towards us. Thank you Lord Jesus, thank you.

SACRED HEART: If you would stand and say the Apostle’s Creed. The prayer that pleases Father God the most.

(The people stood and prayed the Apostle’s Creed together.)

A song appropriate for a woman like My mother ­ the Ave Maria.

(The people sang the “Ave Maria” as requested by the Sacred Heart.)

 We don’t have to wait so long next time. You will be coming next week. Right! We won’t have to wait so long. Make the time go fast, Blessed Mother. Make the time go fast until next Saturday. Please! There is a bird almost by her where she is going up. There, that one bird is right by her.

(The people sang “Make Me A Channel of your Peace” and “Battle Hymn of the Republic.”)

He died to set men free. Now we’ll fight to set the babies free – the gift of birth.

(The people completed the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy.)