SALLY SPOKE: You’re early, Blessed Mother! You surprised me! But then, you surprise me a lot!

OUR LADY SPOKE: My children, Father God is placing the Consecration with much importance. This is why I am asking you to go to confession, receive holy communion, recite the Rosary daily, wear the brown scapular. When you pray the Rosary, my people, my dear ones, remember all enemies will be defeated and all petitions answered and as you reach into the depths of the mysteries, you will be enlightened. I also call you here today – on this great day of grace – to fulfill my request at Fatima. Grant what I request, children – five first Saturdays of the month. I ask you to give these five Saturdays to my heart and when this is completed, my children you will find your hearts and your souls filled with grace and many gifts from my Immaculate Heart. I also come to teach you to make reparation to the Sacred Heart of my son for all the evil that is so abundant in the world today. For those, my children, who persevere will be the ones who will be saved. God Father is asking this of you, my people – my dear ones, devotion to my Immaculate Heart and by doing this you please Him and you also are paying homage to Him in this way. By your hearts, my dear ones, I can give you all the grace you need to fulfill the wishes of God Father. Leave your petitions with me, my people, and I will speedily pass them on to my Son. Commit your hearts and your will to my plan.

SALLY SPOKE: She’s so beautiful! You have her adorned in beauty, Sacred Heart. She’s so beautiful. Each time she comes, she is more beautiful!

SACRED HEART SPOKE: It’s because, my child, you are one day closer to her and each day she will get more beautiful until you will stand beside her. Arise, My people, and We will give you Our blessing. Thank you for coming, My people. Thank you for paying honor to My mother. Like I have told you many, many times she is your mother like she is My mother. Like I was obedient to her, you must be obedient to her also. Do as she says – do as she says, My people! Like My father sent Me, I now send My mother. Do as she says! The blessings that We placed upon you is a unique blessing for each one. Each blessing is different like each one of you are different. I place a unique blessing on each one. I know of your needs, I know your hurts, I know all your troubles, but I like to hear you ask, My people, even though I know – I like to hear you ask. My mother likes to hear you say you love her like any good mother likes to hear those words. Tell her often. Tell her how much you love her. Do all for love of her and she will offer all for love of you.

SALLY SPOKE: She’s in white and blue. Her mantle is blue, she has a white veil and an off-white dress that goes to her ankles. Her feet are bare and she’s holding the Rosary in her right hand and she’s holding the brown scapular in her left hand and she’s holding it straight in front of her like she’s offering it to us. We have one, Blessed Mother! We have one! We have them! Yes! Oh, they will. I’m sure they will, Blessed Mother, if you tell them. They’ll wear them.

OUR LADY SPOKE: All who wear the scapular will have a shield placed around them and they will be protected from evil and all who die with the scapular will never feel the fire of hell.

SACRED HEART SPOKE: The “Ave Maria” for a woman like My mother!

(The “Ave Maria” was sung to Our Lady as requested by the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the people also sang, “We Are Standing On Holy Ground.”)

SALLY SPOKE: They are leaving, people! They are leaving very slowly and when they leave they leave an outline of where they stood. About 3 or 4 inches outlined like gold. It outlines their whole body and I cannot leave and I ask you, please, do not leave until this outline of where they stood is gone. Three or four minutes and it leaves. How beautiful! How privileged we are! Oh, Blessed Mother, who are we that the mother of our Lord should come to us and bring her son? Mater Dei, Jesu Christi Stella Maris – Mary, Mary means Star of the Sea. Like a beacon at night she shines for the ships lost at sea. Like 911 from heaven, He sends her to rescue us, her children. She sees us drift farther and farther from the ship – her Son the Church. Oh, my people, there are many who say, “Why is she coming all over the place? Why is she coming so many places?” I’ll tell you why, because I ask her. “Oh, wouldn’t it be nice, she said, if I only needed to come once and everybody believed! But I will come a million times and I will come to every home if I have to.” Don’t question her. Mater Dei, Jesu Christi Stella Maris, Star of the Sea. She is Captain of that ship – her Son – the Church. She is the Captain. She’s a mighty good Captain. She set sail for home with her children aboard and she’ll come back again and again to rescue us. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for letting her come. Thank you for sending her, a mother who cares for her children. Who comes upon this earth time and time again amidst all this confusion, this doubt, and she still comes. She loves us. No matter what we do, she loves us. They are gone. .

(The Glorious Mysteries of the Holy Rosary was completed with the people.)