The people sang Happy Birthday to Our Lady, recited the Ten Commandments, prayed the Rosary for Life, Our Lady’s Consecration and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. The Sacred Heart of Jesus appeared alone with a message during the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.)

SALLY: The Sacred Heart is here. Sacred Heart of Jesus with His heart exposed. I didn’t expect You, Sacred Heart. I didn’t expect You. Thank You. I love You too. Do You have a message for us?

SACRED HEART: Sometimes I just come to pay you a visit like I expect you to stop and pay Me a visit. Finish My rosary.

SALLY: What do you mean, Your rosary?

SACRED HEART: The rosary that was given to Saint Dominic, child, is My mother’s rosary. The Chaplet of Divine Mercy is My rosary. I gave this to My messenger, Faustina. That was My rosary. Go forth with the rosary, child. Finish!

SALLY: How can we finish when You are standing here? I’ll never be able to concentrate. Oh, Sacred Heart, how we love You. Thank You for coming Sacred Heart. I wasn’t even expecting You. I wouldn’t of even been disappointed if I didn’t see You. She never told me that You were coming.

SACRED HEART: I don’t tell My mother everything, child.

SALLY: Are You pleased, Sacred Heart? Are You pleased the way we honor Your mother? Yes, I know You would be. What do You think of the Knights here? It’s quite an honor ain’t it? I know! They love her too. They love her. Yes! Little did I know that You would come. You come to us. It makes me want to cry. You are so great and we are so small and yet You come. I promise, I will! I will! I can see Your heart beat! I can see the rhythm. (Sally continued the Chaplet of Divine Mercy in the presence of Sacred Heart) Sacred Heart of Jesus I implore that every second I can love You more and more. Make my heart like Yours, humble ­ gentle. Are You going to come tonight at midnight? You know, as I sit here and look at You, I see Your Sacred Heart, I see the Pieta, I see the Immaculate Heart of Mary as a reminder, and I also see the happiness and joy of her nativity. The reason we’re here is to celebrate the day of her birth because by her birth, her life, she gave You human life. By her yes, she gave You human life. You are fully alive, fully human and fully alive and yet You are the Trinity. You are the Trinity. Why don’t You just plain stay until midnight with us? We won’t mind. We’ll just sit here and talk with You because we have so much we can ask You. Each one here is carrying a cross, an unspoken cross. I ask You to hear the prayers of those gathered here. See how they love You. See how they come. They love You and they love Your mother. Are You celebrating in Heaven too? Do You celebrate in Heaven her birthday? Now what? I didn’t get that. Does she bring our hearts to the crib of the newborn infant? Bring our hearts to our infant mother.

SACRED HEART: You will have the privilege tonight ­ the night of all nights – I have granted the privilege to see your infant mother as she was laid in her crib a few moments after her birth. I will give you the privilege, child, and you can give the message to others.

SALLY: We don’t realize who He is. We just do not realize who He is to come to us humble people ­ the Almighty – the Creator . He comes as the man God, fully human and fully God. He don’t come in thunder ­ He don’t come in a way to scare us. He comes because He love us. He loves this place. This is truly holy ground. Holy by their presence here – made holy by their presence. This is holy ground and I hear angels all around and as I walk to the door of that Shrine, I already feel His presence so sublime and as I walk toward the altar of His mother, I already feel His presence so divine. We are in His presence. We are in His presence here. We are in His presence. Just as real as when He walked the earth – just as real as in that Holy Eucharist ­ Holy God ­ fully human. We adore You, Oh Christ, and we bless You because by Your Holy Cross, You have brought redemption to the world. My Lord and my God, my Lord and my God, my Lord and my God, wash away all of my sins and the sins of the whole world with Your most precious blood. (Sally sang to Sacred Heart) He’s leaving! What a privilege! What a privilege! People, what a privilege! We don’t have to go to Lourdes, we don’t have to go to Fatima, and we don’t have to go to Knock, He comes here. He comes here to this little city. A little city of God made holy by their presence. This is truly holy ground. He’s gone.

(The people sang “Holy God We Praise Thy Name” together.)


(The people sang songs to Our Lady and Sacred Heart before the Rosary. John informed the people that all lights on the campus would be turned off at 11:30 p.m. before Our Lady of Light would appear at midnight.)

SALLY: Welcome to this night of all nights to celebrate a Feast of the Nativity of our mother. How can I compete with a beautiful voice that you just heard? But, you must remember, she chooses the small, she chooses the humble, like her son chose 12 apostles, ignorant fishermen. So maybe I’ll be in this category tonight because she chose me, a little one. So I would like to pray this prayer. A prayer that she asks me often to pray. Please do not listen to the mistakes in my voice, but hear the words. (Sally sang “Hail Holy Queen” in Latin to Our Lady.)

SALLY SPOKE: She’s here. She’s here, but she is different. Where are you, Blessed Mother? Who is that woman? Who is that woman? She is holding a baby. She is placing the baby in a crib. I don’t see you, Blessed Mother.

BLESSED MOTHER: Tonight, my child, you will witness what very few people have ever seen. You will see your infant mother, who is only a few minutes old being placed in her cradle by her Aunt Mossa, sister of my mother, who was here attending to my birth. It is I, child, little, small and humble, like I ask all of you to remain – small and humble. I ask you on this night of all nights to be here with all the angels and saints gathered around my cradle. My children, even those in purification were released to gather around my crib. I have wanted you here tonight so you too could pay homage to your infant mother. As I look at you through an infant’s eyes, I see each one of you. Even my little aborted lambs are like a wreath of fragrant flowers around my cradle. And you my children, I ask you to be one big family, celebrating my birth.

SALLY: Oh, Blessed Mother, you are talking, but you look like a baby. She is talking with a voice of an adult.

BLESSED MOTHER: I am your infant mother and I ask you to bring me a gift like you bring to all newborns. Bring me a gift! I ask you to bring your hearts consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. And this life that was given to me so that I can bring more life to the Son of God. Thank you for coming to celebrate my Nativity and because you have come and you have heard me call and invite, now I have a gift for each one of you. All here present will receive this gift. It is a gift that will never fade or deteriorate. Like you must have a ticket to get into a ball park, you must have a ticket to a movie theater, all who receive this gift that I give you tonight will be your ticket when you face Father God. He will see you as consecrated children, consecrated to me, and He will see the Seal that I place upon you tonight. He will recognize that Seal and that will be your ticket. I will place the Seal upon your forehead, a sign that will never disappear. I will place a Seal upon your eyes, your forehead because this is where your intelligence, where you have free will, and upon your lips that you may never speak anything but the truth. Upon the palms of your hands as you labor and you work for the honor and glory of my Son. I ask you now my dear children to stand and to present to me your gift first. Come! Come around my cradle like flowers with the fragrance of love. Look at your infant mother, look at me! I place the sign of the Seal on your forehead. I place this Seal upon your eyes that you may never look that would dishonor or offend my Son. I now place it on your lips. Never judge anyone, never compare others and now I ask you to turn the palms of your hands up, your arms in front of you ­ your right arm and your right hand. I place this Seal my children upon your right hand. Many of you will feel nothing and many of you will feel my tiny hands touch yours. I ask you to do the same with your left hand. I place this Seal upon your left hand. This Seal of which you will be recognized by Father God as a consecrated soul to my Immaculate Heart. Many are invited, but only a few accept the invitation. I walk beside you. You are not alone, my children. I watch and see your crosses and your suffering. Oh, how the angels sing. Two thousand years old, over two thousand years old as a tiny baby, helpless ­ humble ­ small. I ask you my child to stay like your are. Stay small and the day will come when all life will be celebrated by the gift of birth and the Father will dance on that day of joy. Just you wait and see. He will be here in this garden dancing with you and me the day we set those little lambs free.

SALLY: Yes, Blessed Mother, all for your Son and for you. We will do everything in our power to put an end to these hideous murders. All for you, my Lord, and for you, Blessed Mother. I have to describe a little bit to you of the way I see her. She is bright in a little cradle and you know when you hold a flashlight in the palm of your hand and you can see the light through your hand ­ this is the way her body looks, like something shining from within and it’s glowing even on her skin. It’s like a light inside of her that is reflecting right though her body. Oh, I can see her features of a tiny baby. I see a cradle. I see this woman standing over the cradle. She says it is her Aunt who attended to the birth. It’s not like an ordinary day though. It’s something shining out of her body. (Sally asked for a flashlight so she could show the people what she sees.) Do you see how my hand reflects the flashlight? That’s the way I see the baby. Like a glow from the inside coming out. It’s beautiful with a little tuft of hair. Do you see this right where I’m looking right straight ahead of me? There is like a loop. That’s where the cradle is. I hear the angels singing, but I don’t see them, but I hear their voice. The Ave Maria for this little mother ­ the mother of God. In her littlest form, she spoke to us like a newborn baby only a few minutes old from a heart that I can see beats. I can see her little heart beat on her chest.

BLESSED MOTHER: Yes, child, this is a tiny heart, but I want you to know that this heart will NEVER STOP beating, EVER. This heart will beat forever. It will never be tired or worn out. Come close, my children, come close. With these tiny hand I want to caress you.

SALLY: How can we please you the most, Blessed Mother? What can I do that would please you the most? Please! Anything, anything, Blessed Mother!

BLESSED MOTHER: My child, you please me most when you call me by name, Hail Mary full of grace pleases me the most. To hear you call me by name, the name that was given by Father God, “Hail Mary.” Repeat it often, child. You do not have to repeat the whole prayer. Just pray my name ­ Hail Mary.

SALLY: Oh, Blessed Mother, I promise. I promise I will pray it many, many times if that is all you want. Hail Mary, Hail Mary, Hail Mary full of grace. (Pause) Wait a minute, I have to count. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve little stars above her head. Did you see the lights? Can’t you people see that? Can’t you see the lights? Twelve little stars above her head. They are not on her head and they are not touching her head, but just above her head in the cradle. Twelve little stars. Look how beautiful she is. She is a beautiful child created special without a stain of sin – created special to put the Son of God in. He would not put His Son in a tainted vessel. He would not put His Son in anything contaminated. He chose the best. He created her the way He wanted her. The very best. Without a tarnish or a stain for the Son of God. Hail Mary full of grace, Hail Mary you are full of grace. The Lord is with you. Blessed are you amongst all women and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, you are mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of death. What a celebration in this garden that she chose that this Shrine that they love. Blessed the moment, blessed is this place that you have chose to attend to your little ones and to the large family of your Son. Thank you. Thank you, Bless Mother. Let’s say it together. (The people thanked Blessed Mother) Thank you for letting us see what very few others have never seen. Our infant mother only a few minutes old and a heart that has hardly started to beat. A heart that will never stop beating and will beat forever. I wish you could stay all night, Blessed Mother. I just love to visit with you. Her tiny hands ­ so perfect ­ her tiny little feet. Your eyes!

BLESSED MOTHER: I want you to be the pupils of my eyes. To bring this light that you see tonight to others. Bring this light to others. Tell the world what I showed you tonight.

SALLY: I surely will, Blessed Mother. I love you. I love you, Blessed Mother. I adore your Son. I hear the angels sing, but I don’t see them.

BLESSED MOTHER: Because they are pure spirits, child. You cannot see a spirit, but they are around my crib.

SALLY: Thank you for your gift, Blessed Mother! Thank you.

BLESSED MOTHER: Thank you for your gifts, children. The gift of the Consecrated Heart ­ it is a priceless gift to me. Pray the Consecration often. Pray it. Read the messages. Pray them like a prayer and most of all I ask you to live these messages that I bring to you. I trust my servant, Sally, to give you the messages.

SALLY: It’s like a rainbow around the whole crib. It’s a round rainbow around the whole crib. Salve Regina, Mater Dei Jesu Christi. Like a horizon, she is leaving ­ just like a sunset. Like a sunset, I can see the rays of light. It’s beautiful. (Sally sang to Our Lady as she was leaving.)
She is captain of the ship – she is mother of the Church. He made her the captain of the ship ­ the star of the sea. Mary, Mary, Mary, we love you and your Son the most. She’s gone.

The people completed the Rosary and during the Chaplet of Divine Mercy people observed the Moon moving with a blue haze around it and rays of light streaming toward earth. Many observed a baby in a crib in the body of the Moon with angels moving across the sky. Everyone was in awe as Our Lady brought the light and miracle of the Moon. The Moon was changing and moving in many different shapes and sizes like liquid in front of our eyes. It was pulsating and rocking. It looked like a cradle with a baby in it. Some people reported seeing Mary’s face with a veil on her head looking at the crowd and turning from side to side. A halo was around the Moon and it kept bouncing and turned completely around. The people watched the miracle of the Moon. There was a soft blue glow all around the Moon as it moved and shook.

(The people sang Happy Birthday to Our Lady while the miracle of the Moon was happening.)

SALLY: She is so far away, but if we need her she will be here in a second.

(The people watched the Moon until it quieted down. The sky was dark except where Our Lady’s miracle took place. Also, we saw bursts of light flash all around on the trees, in the sky, and where the people sat many screamed and were in awe in what was happening. It truly was Our Lady of Light as she told Sally she would come.)