SALLY: Oh, Blessed Mother! Thank you! Thank you for coming Blessed Mother. Oh, we love you. See how they love you, Blessed Mother. See how they love you! I told you how much they love you! I know! I know! I know! There are some, but see how they love you.

OUR LADY: My child, on this my feast day, heaven and paradise exalts with the cohorts of angels. They too prepared for this event like you my children all prepared for this event. Heaven prepared and even the spirits of the prophets and all the good ones helped to prepare heaven for this glorious event. You are the cause of my joy. You are the cause of hope. You are the cause of consolation. You are the cause of joy. If you ask me, I will be the cause of your joy. You are the cause of my hope and as you ponder this day, Father God bends low to contemplate His masterpiece – His creation. I am the cause of your hope as you ponder this tiny baby scarcely born – your mother, and in these sorrowful times that you live you have the knowledge and the promise that I will be there by you. I will be near you. I am the Immaculate Virgin Mary! I know you! I know each one of you! I love you! I protect you! I guard you! You are mine and I will be the cause of your hope if you will allow me. I am the cause of your consolation in these bloody times of sorrow. I will be beside you and this feast day has become a part of your history because I was born to be the mother of your Savior and your Redeemer. Welcome my little children! Do not be afraid! Have no fear! You have a mother who cares for you. Come little children, celebrate this day with the Church suffering and with the Church triumphant united together as you walk hand in hand together – the Church suffering and the Church triumphant. I am the mother of all humanity! I am the mother of all and as you enjoy your celebration my children, my Son and I will be walking amongst you and as you pass by my image, I will radiate my blessings and my graces to each one of you. Remember, He has given me the privilege to distribute all grace – my Son – the Eucharist.

SACRED HEART: Thank you my people! Thank you for coming! Thank you for honoring My Mother! She is the most precious gift that I have. All I ask of you is to love her, to honor her, and to protect her. She is mine – a gift from My Father. I too will be standing beside her image. I too will give you blessings. Created without sin – a perfect vessel to put Me in. Yes, I contemplated at her birth and even the Holy Spirit communicated with her soul with the fullness of love – the Immaculate Conception. Go forth with your plans My children. Finish your prayers.

SALLY: Oh, Blessed Mother, before we do that I have a favor of you. Would you ask your Son for these people who need His help. Sacred Heart of Jesus you are the great physician. You are the great healer and you alone can do this. I know that. I also know you can do it. I also know nothing is impossible with you. Listen to her plea. Listen to our prayers and our petitions. The petitions of all the people here gathered together. We’re gathered You know because she asked us to – in Your name. I’m asking for this special person. You know this person and there is no use in me describing him. You know! You know Hoot pretty well just like we know him. So I’m praying for his family; especially though I pray for Carol. Lord take this illness from her – please Lord! I beg You and I’m not going to be satisfied for a partial healing, I want a complete healing for these people. Please Lord, hear our prayers. For Donna (she has cancer) – for Robin (she’s going to leave for the Navy) – for Christine – for Francis (who has cancer) – Andrea (who is pregnant – yes she is very pregnant – she’s almost ready to deliver and she is alone – she has nobody and she is ill). Please Lord, hear my prayer! Hear the prayers of the faithful gathered here. There is power in numbers and there is power in multitudes. I know there is. There is power and there is power of prayer here today and we are asking – we’re begging. The prayer for the Shrine – for all the volunteers who have been so dedicated here – who have given up – I would say they have given up their enjoyment of vacations for here. This is their vacation to come here to work and to serve you and your Son. Your least request is our command. We will do everything in our power here to put an end to these hideous murders. I promise you! I make a vow to you that we will do everything in our power to put an end to these murders – the slaughtering of the lambs – like the Lamb of God was slaughtered having committed no crime. You, Sacred Heart – You the Lamb of God was slaughtered. Now, they are doing the same thing to your Little Ones. We won’t stand for it! We won’t! We’re going to unite and we’re going to put an end to this, but we can’t do it alone. We can’t do it alone, Blessed Mother, you know that. We’re weak and we need your help just like you have been behind us. You have been the push in this and I bless the people who have given so willingly of what You Sacred Heart have given to them. They have shared with us here at the Shrine to make this complete. To complete the plan to save Your Little Lambs. I love You, I worship You, I praise You, I thank You, I adore You, my Lord and my God. Wash away all our sins with Your most precious blood. (Blessed Mother talked privately to Sally) I will! Oh, I will, Blessed Mother! I will! I promise! I thank you. Thank you for the graces and the blessings and the gifts you have given me. You know what my big one is. You know what my big thanks is. You know what it is. (Blessed Mother talked privately to Sally again.) Yes! Oh I love him! Yes! I adopted him! Today I adopted him. I never had a son, but I got one now. Thank you Lord Jesus. I love You too. I love you too, Blessed Mother. Thank you. Ok, I’m waiting for the cake. Thank you Blessed Mother. Like little children we come to you helpless in prayer. (The people prayed the “Hail Mary” together.)

I’ll tell you where she is at. She’s standing right in front of where I am pointing in the middle of that tree. I tell you people don’t touch that tree – don’t you ever cut that tree down! You will answer to me and to the Blessed Mother if you do! There she stands in that tree. She is in white and blue and she is dressed as Our Lady of Fatima with gold on her mantle and gold around her face. She has all around her – like radiation – like about two inches around the outline of her whole body. She has an outline of gold – bright like the Sun. The Sacred Heart has – Oh, I can just see His Heart beat – He has His Heart exposed. He is in red and a cream – kind of off white cream color. His Heart is beating. I can see it beat. Oh, Sacred Heart of love divine – listen to our prayers – make us always thine. The heart of Jesus, burning, yearning for us – and the Father will dance on this day of joy. Just you wait and see. He will be dancing in this Garden with you and me the day we set those little lambs free. Say “Yes” to Jesus. (The people said “Yes” to Jesus.) We will!