SALLY: Blessed Mother is here! Welcome, Blessed Mother! All lights out at this time. You are the light of the world, Blessed Mother!

OUR LADY: Yes! My dearest little children, I see all of you here before me. The terrestrial and celestial celebration of the Church, the date of my nativity. My little children, I invite you to celebrate on this special day. I want you to know my little children from my human conception I was created full of grace. I was created full of holiness. I was created perfect; different from all women without a stain. Yes, each one of us are created with a purpose. Each one of you, like me, was created with a purpose. I was created to be the mother of the Trinity and like a woman in labor about to give birth to her child, the birth of a new era is coming where all human creation will be free from sin and death. I am beautiful! I am beautiful as the stars and the moon reflecting the light of the Son. The Son of God, my Son! And I have been created for a purpose. My purpose is to destroy Satan and to crush the head of the ancient serpent and the huge red dragon and put him into the abyss of fire. I have come, my children for a purpose. I am the mother of Jesus Christ! I am beautiful as the sun and stars. As an army in battle array, I am terrible. I have come to ask you ­ each one of you ­ to enlist in my army. To win a battle, you need a good strong army. I need you my children, each one of you. And you will soon see my Son come down from Heaven and take over His reign. He will walk with you and there will be no more day or night. Those things will have passed. You will not need the light of the sun. You will have the light of the Lamb and like the new Jerusalem come down from Heaven, like a bride ready and waiting for her spouse. I am mighty as an army in battle array, but I am gentle. I am gentle as a lamb. My little children so loved by me – so loved by me! I am asking you for a task. I am asking you, my children to take this journey with me. It’s a long, hard, painful journey. I am asking you to suffer with me. My children, I am a good mother and a good mother worries about her children. I am beautiful because I was made that way. My dearest little children, I am asking you to take this task through the Consecration that I have given you. I am asking you to take these messages to other countries, even to other continents. The journey will be rough, it will be painful, but you will become closer to my Son. Some do not hear the call of the purpose. Some turn away, but I ask each one of you here tonight to hear what I am saying to you. I need your help. My Little Lambs are being crucified as my Son, having committed no crime ­ no sin. They are being destroyed from the womb of comfort and warmth. Hear ye, hear ye, my children. I too come here with a purpose. Oh yes, I come because I love you and I chose each one of you to be here, but I also come with a purpose. I come with a task for you. Through the Consecration, I want you to bring others to the safety of my Immaculate Heart. My dear children, prayer – prayer can even change the mind in the plans of Father God. Yes! Your prayers are powerful too, my children. This is a mighty army that I am asking you to join and I will give you all, the armor that you will need. You hold it in your hands tonight. The power of the Rosary! I will convert the world with the power of the Rosary. I am the new Jerusalem come down from Heaven to see that the plans of my Son are completed. I come to bring you the plan for salvation that my Son prepared for you, but I will lead you on the path to salvation. Remember child, there is only one way to my Son – that’s through me, His mother. There is only one way to Father God and that is through my Son, Jesus. Follow me! Come walk with me! Fly with me and I will take you to Him! The road is rough. (The Sacred Heart appeared) My Son is like a good farmer. Oh, He’s great! Remember, He created everything – every tiny ant, every tiny insect is created by my Son. Look at the intricacy of your brain. If just one little vessel goes wrong, your whole brain goes wrong. Yes, but He took more pains, He took more time when He created woman. He had to create her with a heart of love that could love – not just the best, but sometimes the worst; like He created me, full of love and arms that could hold and love. Yes, He created a woman with eyes all around her head so she could see what was going on behind her. He took a lot of time to complete woman. What part have you played in motherhood? The respect and the love for what He created so intricately – so perfect – it could bear a human being ­ a child. That’s what I am ­ a woman! I am a mother that can hold you when you need it. Yes, and when that tiny baby is ill, a mother is the only one that can quiet the pain. A mother can rock that child like I rocked my Son. Oh yes too, my Son had colds, my Son had colic, my Son cried, but over Joseph, a mother can sooth all the discomfort like no one else. God made woman!

SALLY: The stars upon her head and beneath her foot the dragon of abortion lays dead.

OUR LADY: Oh, we can do it, child. United you will be strong, separated you will become like smoke. You will evaporate like dew when the sun shines. Together we can do it. I ask each one of you tonight to put your hand over your heart and to enlist in my army. Be brave my children. I will lead this army myself. I have already declared war on abortion. How long will this battle be depends on you and the power of my army. All Heaven and Earth united together in this celebration ­ the celebration of my nativity. I too came late at night, like they come to you tonight. Your time is not my time, but I am human. I was born at 11:40 on the first day after the last day of the week. I was born in the ninth month of your year. It’s why I come late, child. I was born late. I had my Aunt Mossa attending my birth. I was small. I was tiny. I was below average in weight. I, without stain of sin, was created. I want gifts for my birthday, my children. I hope you brought them for me.

SALLY: What do you want, Blessed Mother? We don’t have a cake, but I would have liked to have had one for you though. In fact, I suggested it, but I guess it didn’t go over and then you said it would be too congested. Remember? What do you want?

OUR LADY: Child, I want a gift from each one of you here. I want a vessel to place my graces and gifts that I brought for you. I want your hearts. I want you to consecrate your heart to me. I cannot give you anything unless I have a vessel to put these gifts in. The gifts that I will give you will be forever. Yes, I do not bring material gifts. You will have no need for them.

SALLY: You look kind of gaudy tonight! You are sure bright.

OUR LADY: I am coming to you today on my birthday, child, terrible as an army in battle array. I want you to see this part of me. I brought guests with me tonight. Can’t you see them?

SALLY: At that very second I saw. I saw small human faces and hands fluttering around her.

OUR LADY: This is my army of angels.

SALLY: There were 500 above the trees in pure white with a silver glow and their faces were pink.

SALLY: You have a lot of red. (Our Lady talked privately to Sally.) Oh you have? What do you mean? She’s been celebrating all day. I bet you’re tired though. We had quite a lot going on around here today too ­ in preparation. Oh, thank you. Yes! Yes, in your honor ­ for you. Of course we can’t stop and not thank your Son, Father God, the Trinity ­ for creating you. Without Mary, Lord Jesus, without your mother, we would not have you. And without her “Yes” we would not have you because through her “Yes” you were conceived. Say that again! I didn’t get it! Ok! She wants each one of us tonight to say “Yes” to her for what she is asking us. She wants us all to say “Yes” to her. I do, Blessed Mother! (The people said “Yes” together to Blessed Mother). Yes! Yes! Yes! I’ll do everything in my power to do what you are asking.

OUR LADY: It’s a task. A journey child that will be long – painful, but it will be like a pain of a mother about to give birth to her child. It will be the birth of a new era. There will be no more tears. My Son will walk beside you. He will wipe away all tears and all these things that you have now will be things of the past. They will all have gone and you will be free from death and sin. My Son will come from Heaven and take over His reign. I repeat this child, because I want you to remember this.

SALLY: Like a beacon at night for the ships lost a sea. Oh, Blessed Mother! Mary! Mary! Bring our Little Ones home safely. We’re lost! We’re drifting farther and farther from the ship. We are in dangerous water. Don’t let us sink. Like a beacon at night for the ships lost at sea, we trust you Blessed Mother, the Queen of the Holy Rosary.

SACRED HEART: The Ave Maria for a woman like My mother.

SALLY: Mary, Mother of the Unborn, pray for us. Pray for us. We too need you like you need us. Mother of the Unborn, pray for us. Thank you Blessed Mother. I love you too. (Sally presented petitions to Our Lady to intercede to her Son, Jesus and thanked her for prayers answered.) We are like little kids who say give me, give me and forget to say thank you. Thank you. I ask for nothing that is not first the Will of God and I accept. I know your spouse will not refuse you if you ask. I know the Holy Spirit. He conceived you in a special way. He gave you a virgin birth and I know as your spouse He will not refuse you. Go to Him! Ask Him to bring an end to these hideous murders. We pray for peace – peace in our hearts, peace in our minds, peace in our families and peace on earth. (Our Lady talked privately to Sally.) What song? We will! Oh, we will, Blessed Mother! She wants “Silent Night.” It is a beautiful silent night. Let’s belt it out in honor of the Queen of Heaven, Our Lady of Toledo, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary. This is for you on your birthday ­ Silent Night. (The people sang Silent Night to Our Lady). She’s smiling. A star is twinkling. She has a lot of color in her clothes tonight. She has like rainbows of colors and I never saw her on a cloud. She’s like standing on a cloud. She has bare feet. I can see her feet. Oh, she’s holding a Lamb! I couldn’t see it. She had it under her mantle. She’s holding a lamb ­ a baby lamb in her arms. (She then appeared as Our Lady of Toledo.) She has a blue mantle and a white dress and she has a white veil. Her skin ­ her flesh looks transparent ­ almost like you hold a flashlight in the palm of your hand and you can see the light through it. That is the way her whole body looks. It’s like you can see through her skin. Like there is a light inside coming out. Show us that light, Blessed Mother. Let us see it. Let others see it.

OUR LADY: There are many things child that are not meant for others to see. This is meant for you alone child. Blessed are those who do not see and yet believe. Blessed are those who eat from the table of the Feast of the Lamb.

SALLY: I ask you to place your blessing on each one here and to hear their petitions and to hear their requests. Oh Blessed Mother, there are many, many, many who need your help here tonight. Karen – give her strength. Father Paul – he’s taking on a big task. Father Pat – hold him in your arms like you held the Christ Child and you comforted Him when he would fall and when He would hurt His little knees you picked Him up and kissed His little knees. I ask you to hold these in your arms like you held your Son. All the Sisters – everyone here at the Shrine. Without you sending us these people, we could not exist. Everyone whose names are on these bricks and have sacrificed to give a brick here in memory of their loved ones. All those who have donated and donors for the Stations of the Cross and for all the petitions in this basket. There is much suffering here. There is much suffering in this basket. Oh my Lord! My Lord and my God, you alone are the Great Physician. You alone are the hope – the healer. You alone can bring comfort to these people. Hear the prayers gathered here tonight. The tiny baby ­ the tiny baby whose life was almost taken. We pray for all the poor souls who are waiting to see your holy face ­ who are waiting to be released to live with you. For our family and our friends who are waiting to be released. Take them unto you Heavenly Father, that they may live with you forever so that some day too we can come to you and when you see us you will say, “Well done my good and faithful servant. Now come and see what I have for you.”

SACRED HEART: I will carry them like Lambs – lost Sheep. I will lead the flock and I will go back for those who are caught in briers. I will go back to rescue them. I will carry them.

OUR LADY: Thank you Son for hearing my prayers.

SACRED HEART: Thank you for hearing the prayer of my messenger Sally.

OUR LADY: Thank you Son.

SACRED HEART: Thank you, Mother for choosing these apostles of later days. You chose well, Mother. I see how they love Me. I see how they love you. Thank you, Mother.

(The Ave Maria was sung to Our Lady)

SALLY: She is rising up. I love you Blessed Mother. Does my family ask abut me? See that star up there? She is going up that high already. See it up there? That’s where she is going up. Right up there. Blessed Mother, can you still hear me? Does my family ask about me when you get back there? Does Arthur ask about me?

OUR LADY: They just don’t ask child. They are watching – they hear.

SALLY: Do you have a welcome party when you get back? I mean does everybody welcome you ­ like the Angels and Saints and everybody? Do they welcome you? Tell my Guardian Angel that I love him. Yes, it’s OK. You can tell Gabriel and Michael too if you want to. I haven’t seen Gabriel for awhile. Is that an airplane? I’m sure she’s a lot higher than that. Wow, that airplane is going right in front of her. Be careful! 
(Our Lady requested the Rosary Song) The Rosary Song! She loves that song. She wants to hear the Rosary Song again. OK! (The people sang the Rosary Song to Our Lady as she requested.)

The people completed the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy.