Sally: Blessed Mother, I’m all ready for you. I have the tape recorder all set up. Do you have a message?

Our Lady: Oh, yes I do my little one. I have a task which I have entrusted to you. My beloved little children you are sharing today in the joy of the whole celestial and terrestrial church which is contemplating your heavenly mother. At the moment of my birth, I am the dawn which is arising to announce the birth of the eternal Son – of my Son, Jesus, our redeemer and savior. For this, the Lord has made me immaculate. From the moment of my human conception, He had wanted me all beautiful, full of grace and clothed in holiness. Thus, today my little children, on the feast of my birth you are contemplating me as the rising dawn; beautiful as the moon, brilliant as the sun, terrible as an army set in battle array. My little ones, I am the dawn which announces this stupendous event of your salvation and which prepares you all for the coming of the great day of the Lord. I am beautiful as the Moon which shines with the reflection of the Sun. My little children, because mine is the very beauty of the most Holy Trinity which enfolds me. Mine is the fullness of the grace of God which transforms me. Mine is the divine holiness which converts me. I am brilliant as the sun because I am called to become the mother of Jesus Christ who is the eternal splendor of the Father. I am terrible as an army drawn up in battle array because the task which has been entrusted to me, by the Lord, is that of conquering Satan – of crushing the head of the ancient serpent – in chaining the huge Red Dragon and casting him into the abyss of fire – of struggling with the defeating of the one who opposes himself to Christ; namely, the anti-Christ. In order to prepare the second coming of my Son who will restore His glorious reign among you, this is my plan! The stronger my presence becomes among you, the more will the darkness of evil, sin hatred and impurity will be withdrawn themselves from you because Satan is becoming more and more imprisoned and destroyed. In these last times of yours, the task of your heavenly mother, beautiful as the moon, brilliant as the sun, terrible as an army set in battle array is to announce the great day of the Lord that is in the very act of coming upon you now and on this day of my nativity. My little children so loved by me, you are on the vigil of a long and tiring journey, which I am again asking you to undertake for me to many places. This is the task which I am entrusting to you to bring my motherly messages to every part of the world and to call all my children to enter through their Consecration that I have given you and to the bright and safe refuge of my Immaculate Heart because the trial which is about to come upon you is going to be very great and you are all being called to suffer with me; but yours is like the suffering of a mother who must bring her child to life and to light. In fact, the immense pain of these last times prepares the birth of a new era. The new time when Jesus will come in all His splendor and in His glory and He will restore His reign in the world! Then, all creation will be set free from the slavery of sin and of death. All of you will know the splendor of a second terrestrial Paradise in which God will dwell with you. He will wipe away every tear and there will no longer be day or night because the former things have passed away and your light will be that of the Lamb and of the new Jerusalem come down from heaven upon the earth ready as a bride for her spouse.

I come to you tonight my little children so you can have a part of my celebration. I will unite Heaven and Earth in this celebration! I was created perfect without a stain of sin to place the Son of God in. This is my day and from my conception I was created the way He wanted me to be! Just as you all are present here to celebrate with my birthday, I too am with each one of you when your day comes. I am there with you. Oh, some of you may be alone, some may not have anyone to celebrate; but remember, I am there with you and my cohort of angels are there to bring music to your special day. Thank you Son for letting me have the privilege to celebrate united heaven and earth on this my special day.

Sacred Heart: Remember, Mother, you were chosen. You did not chose us. We, I, created you.

Sally: Oh, I hear the music. I hear the Angels sing. They sing the sweetest songs I’ve ever heard. I’ve never heard these songs. So appropriate!