Consecration Prayer to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Blessed Mother said: “I ask you my children to make this Consecration on my Feast Day of the Annunciation on March 25th. Start on that day for a global consecration to my Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. My Son will make each one of you a part of my Triumph.”

Oh Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I consecrate myself, my heart, my soul, everything I have, I give to you. Take all — they are yours. You gave them to me. I promise to you my fidelity to our Holy Father as our divine representative of Jesus on earth; as a child of your Immaculate Heart to continue to spread your message and to pray in unity with you, for your Triumph to come during his reign as Pontiff. In our awakening to the dawn of your Triumph, we your children unite in the response to our call, make our promise of this consecration to your Immaculate Heart; thus partaking in your Triumph. Oh Queen of Heaven, guide us in this hour of darkness where the rays of your dawn come to give light to our horizon. As a child of your Triumph, I pledge to you, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to continue to spread your messages and to do all in my power to put an end to the slaughtering of your Little Ones. Also, to renew in your hands, the vow of my baptism. I give to you my love and commitment so we may be bonded together in the YES of your Triumph of your Immaculate Heart. I pledge this all to you, I (name) to be your servant and slave.

Prayer to Our Lady from the Lips of Jesus

Oh, Immaculate Heart of Mary, may I find response in the grandeur of your Triumph. Accept my plea of reconciliation, unity, and peace of heart and mind. Carry this desire to me, Father God. I pray that my soul becomes so pure that its brilliance shall blind those of evil and grace those of similar hearts. Open my heart, Dear Mother, farther every day. Allow it to close never — even for one moment. Unfold its depths and expose all its hidden corners that no imperfection may be permitted to remain. I pray for the victory of this mission on earth within my own heart first; and then, may I carry this grace to others in the world. Strengthen me in this hour. Amen.